Company introduction

Company introduction

Founded in 2006 year

registered capital 12108 ten thousand

——Turning garbage into resources


The company was founded in 2006 with a registered capital of 121.08 million yuan. Adhering to the ecological concept of "turning waste into resources", the company is committed to building a circular economy industrial group of "R & D and manufacturing of environmental protection equipment", "recycling and dismantling of electronic waste and end-of-life vehicles", "disposal of industrial waste and hazardous waste" and "resource utilization of urban and rural waste".

The headquarters of the company takes core equipment R & D and manufacturing and system services as the main business, and the marketing center, research and Design Institute, equipment manufacturing center and Engineering Center constitute a complete service industrial chain of marketing services, technology R & D, planning and design, equipment manufacturing and engineering installation; Relying on the three core technologies of "mechanical crushing and separation", "rapid aerobic fermentation" and "anaerobic pyrolysis", it provides core equipment products and system solutions for the four markets of "industrial solid waste recycling", "classified disposal of urban waste", "collaborative disposal of agricultural and forestry waste" and "disposal and utilization of hazardous waste".

Miluo Vary electronic waste treatment Co., Ltd. is one of the first batch of national "urban mineral" demonstration base enterprises, with an annual dismantling of 1.2 million household appliances subsidized by the state fund; Miluo scrap car recycling and dismantling Co., Ltd. is an enterprise approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China as a "waste steel processing and distribution center", with an annual processing of 200000 tons of scrap steel; The newly established Miluo Wanrong Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. produces 50000 tons of recycled plastics such as PP, PS, ABS, PE and pet every year.

Hunan Vary solid waste treatment Co., Ltd. has undertaken the responsibilities of a pioneer in the resource utilization of urban and rural garbage. It has successively established a number of operating enterprises, such as Changsha Tongyi classified renewable resources Co., Ltd., Changsha County blue island renewable resources utilization Co., Ltd., Liuyang blue island renewable resources Co., Ltd., Wangcheng Wanrong solid waste resources utilization Co., Ltd., and plans to build a regional "full category" solid waste recycling platform company, It provides a practical model for the construction of "waste classification" and "waste free city" in China.

Under the urgent situation that climate change has become a global problem and the Chinese government solemnly declares the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutralization, the "three islands and two networks" ecological industry model of urban and rural waste resource utilization constructed by Wanrong technology with three series of core technologies will carry the mission entrusted by history and achieve more remarkable results in the process of "carbon neutralization" with heavy responsibilities and a long way to go.

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