Miluo Wanrong scrap car recycling and dismantling Co., Ltd

In 2012, the company introduced Wanrong scrap car recycling and dismantling, resource utilization and scrap steel crushing line equipment, with an annual recycling and dismantling of 20000 scrap cars, an annual recycling and processing of 100000 tons of scrap steel and 50000 tons of scrap aluminum. Equipped with advanced pretreatment, fine disassembly, rapid disassembly, crushing and sorting equipment, the company is one of the first batch of "urban mineral" demonstration bases in China.

The end-of-life vehicle recycling, disassembly and resource utilization product line is mainly used for the recycling, disassembly and resource utilization of end-of-life vehicles. It is independently developed and manufactured by the company and has independent intellectual property rights. It can not only provide the sales of equipment such as pretreatment, fine disassembly and body crushing, but also provide project environmental assessment, plant design, equipment selection and manufacturing, system integration, installation and commissioning, personnel training, operation management services, output sales One stop system services such as hazardous waste disposal.

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