Yongxing pengkun environmental protection Co., Ltd

Yongxing pengkun environmental protection Co., Ltd. is located in Berlin circular economy demonstration park, Yongxing County, covering an area of about 150 mu. In 2018, it introduced 10000 capacity solid waste pretreatment equipment (crushing, screening, etc.) and pyrolysis furnace equipment. After being put into operation, the resource utilization capacity of solid waste reached 230800 tons / year.

Application scope and scale:

20000 tons of waste circuit board (900-045-49);
133800 tons of copper containing materials (hw17, hw18, hw22, hw48, 900-044-49, hw50);
45000 tons of organic hazardous waste (HW02, hw06, hw08, HW12, hw13, HW16 900-041-49);
32000 tons of general organic solid waste such as waste plastics and rubber tires.


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