Miluo Wanrong solid waste treatment Co., Ltd

Miluo Wanrong solid waste treatment Co., Ltd. is located in the circular economy industrial park of Miluo County, Hunan Province, covering a total area of 57 mu. In 2018, it introduced solid waste pretreatment equipment (crushing, screening, etc.) and pyrolysis furnace equipment to realize the resource utilization capacity of 109000 tons of solid waste per year.

Application scope and scale:
Cathode ray tube (900-044-49) 50000 tons;
20000 tons of waste packages and containers (900-041-49);

39000 tons of organic hazardous waste. (organic hazardous waste specifically includes: 2000 tons of hw06 waste organic solvent and waste containing organic solvent; 4000 tons of hw11 fine distillation residue; 15000 tons of HW12 dye and coating waste; 8000 tons of hw13 organic resin waste; 5000 tons of HW16 photosensitive material waste; and 5000 tons of hw49 other wastes)

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