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Equipment introduction:
The waste tire recycling production line is composed of various types of heavy equipment. Its function is to automatically separate rubber, steel wire and fiber materials from car tires, truck tires and engineering tires.
The system adopts the crushing and sorting method to recover waste tires and carry out resource recovery and secondary application. It can realize tire crushing, steel wire separation and fiber separation, so as to obtain fine rubber particles, which can effectively deal with waste tires, and the coexistence of resource recycling and environmental protection.
Technical features:
The whole line adopts modular design, which realizes the automation of production and maximization of output through automatic control system.
Ring cutting + wire rolling module: the ring cutting machine cuts out the inner ring of the tire, which can prolong the service life of the subsequent crushing equipment and improve the production efficiency; The wire rolling machine separates the steel wire in the ring mouth to improve the value of the product.
Waste tire crushing module: the waste tires with the stop ring removed are transported to the double shaft shredder through the conveyor. The two groups of cutters rotated by the double shaft shredder cut them into rubber strips, and then transported by the conveyor to the disc screen for sorting. The rubber blocks larger than the gap return to the double shaft shredder through the conveyor for crushing again, while the rubber blocks smaller than the gap are transported to the rubber block buffer bin through the conveyor. The first mock exam is designed to ensure that the next module can be fed evenly.
Steel wire separation module: the rubber blocks buffered in the rubber block buffer bin are evenly transported to the steel wire separator through the conveyor and finely crushed into a mixture of rubber particles ≤ 16mm and steel wire. In the process of finely crushing, the working principle of shear and extrusion is used to separate the steel wire from the rubber. The separated rubber particles ≤ 16mmm are transported to the subsequent process through the conveyor, and the steel wire is output through the conveyor. Note: the particle size of output can be adjusted according to the needs of customers.
Dust removal module: in the crushing process of waste tires, we will use negative pressure to collect the dust at the main places where the dust is generated, so as to ensure that the dust generated in the production process can be effectively treated.
Automatic control module: the automatic control system is used to intelligently control and integrate each single machine of the crushing production line, so as to match the production capacity of each production stage, and maximize the installed power, so as to realize the automation of the production process and maximize the output.
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Waste tire crushing, sorting and pretreatment equipment
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