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The world's first integrated equipment for body crushing, sorting and scrap steel processing of end-of-life vehicles can directly produce a variety of renewable resources such as steel, non-ferrous metals, wires, plastics, rubber and so on in only 3 to 5 minutes.

In August, 2011, the integrated equipment for scrapped automobile body overall crushing and scrap steel processing passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements organized by the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the appraisal conclusion was "filling the domestic gap and reaching the world advanced level".

For the scrapped vehicles to be treated, professional pretreatment equipment shall be used to classify and recover the fuel, engine oil and other liquids left in the vehicle, and then remove various assemblies and other parts. The remaining scrap vehicle body is put into the whole machine crushing equipment through the feeding device, and the body is broken to the strip lump, then crushed into the vertical crushing, kneading and cyclone separation integrated equipment. The materials of steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, chemical fiber, leather and foam are fully detached from the body, and then classified and recovered after subsequent magnetic separation, eddy current separation, two sorting and special screening system separation.
Technical features:
1. First international advanced technology
It is the first to adopt the combined structure of low-speed high torque shredding and high-speed roller crushing to realize the integrated process of scrapped vehicle body, large-volume light and thin scrap crushing and furnace charge processing. It is a subversive innovation of traditional scrap processing technology and equipment, reaching the international advanced level.
The dual axis shredder can produce the maximum output torque with the lowest power configuration. The two rows of alloy steel cutting tools processed by special technology can bite, tear and shear each other, which can easily realize the rapid disassembly of large volume materials.
The vertical crushing and kneading machine adopts a unique multi-layer cavity and multi-level hob design to realize the simultaneous separation of paint and stains in the crushing process, and can control the size of crushed materials to make them regular in shape, high in bulk density, easy to sort and form fine materials.

2.Synchronous recovery of complex materials
After cyclone separation, magnetic separation, eddy current separation, screening and other separation technologies, the separation and enrichment of complex components of ASR are realized, and the direct recovery of steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics, rubber and other materials is completed simultaneously, with a comprehensive recovery rate of more than 90%.

3.Increase the value of fine furnace charge
The innovative design of vertical roller kneading process enables the attachments such as paint to be stripped and recycled to form high-density mass materials, with a value increase of about 30%, which directly meets the requirements of "fine materials into the furnace" of the steel plant.

4.Special cutting tools are durable
The cutter of the biaxial shredder is made of special alloy steel. The low-speed bite tearing process greatly reduces the wear of the cutter and ensures that the cutter can be used for a long time. The roller wheel and impact cavity wall of the vertical crusher are made of high manganese steel, which has excellent impact resistance and wear resistance. At the same time, the adjusting ring structure is used to replace the screen to reduce the loss of consumables.

5.Improve environment and image
Dust collection pipelines are set up in many places of the production line, so that there is no dust overflow in the whole treatment process. The treated tail gas is centrally drained by the pipeline after bag dust removal and activated carbon adsorption purification.

6.Automatic control is safe and convenient
The equipment adopts PLC automatic control and is equipped with multi-point high-definition camera and whole process video monitoring. There is no blind spot monitoring for the whole production process. The operator can monitor all links of the whole production in real time to realize the stable, automatic and safe operation of the whole production line.

The integrated equipment for the overall crushing of scrapped car bodies and scrap steel processing will integrate the disposal of scrapped car bodies, scrap steel in iron packaging containers, refrigerators, CRT displays, bicycles, motorcycles, packaging materials, small household appliances and other recycled materials, truly realizing one machine with multiple functions, which will effectively promote the scientific application of the combined recycling and treatment of "urban minerals". At the same time, the whole set of equipment is energy-saving and efficient, and the power is only equivalent to 60% of the same type of equipment. It can be connected and used normally only with ordinary 380V power supply.
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