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Equipment introduction:
The harmless treatment and resource recovery equipment for waste refrigerators is independently developed by Wanrong technology. It adopts the unique patent combination design of "double shaft shredder + vertical crusher + air flow air separation". It is a domestic exclusive invention patented technology with large air volume dilution and cyclopentane collection to avoid explosion. The equipment is mainly used for crushing, separating, sorting and renewable resource utilization of various raw materials in waste refrigerators. It is composed of pretreatment system, crushing system, sorting system, conveying system, air purification system, monitoring and security system, automatic control system, etc. the production capacity of the equipment can reach 60-140 sets / hour.
The equipment has the first domestic market share and sells well in Europe, Africa and other markets. It has been identified as "filling the domestic gap and reaching the international advanced level" by the scientific and technological achievements of the Ministry of industry and information technology. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, good economic benefits, good social efficiency, safety, energy conservation and environmental protection.
Technical features:
■"Double shaft shredder + vertical crusher + air separation" unique patent combination design, domestic exclusive invention patent, with independent intellectual property rights;
■Multiple safety protection, equipped with on-line open fire detection, cyclopentane concentration detection, temperature detection, current detection, flame sensing and other devices, equipped with nitrogen generation and nitrogen spraying system, spraying device, air exchange and dilution system;
■A new type of cutter structure is adopted in the first stage tearing. The roller is kneaded by three stage rollers. After crushing, the material is smaller and more uniform, which is more favorable for the separation of foam and plastics. The density of iron is higher.
■The foam separation and air separation system is adopted for multi stage sorting, and the separation purity of the material is higher. The foam content in the plastic and the separation ratio of the plastic content in the foam maintain the industry level.
■The first type of hydraulic foam compressor improves foam compression ratio, is safe and reliable, effectively reduces the phenomenon of excessive heat conduction and self ignition in the compression, and has low operation and maintenance costs.
■Increase the return material collection system to solve the problem of material accumulation and leakage and improve the cleanliness of the production environment.
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Equipment for harmless treatment and resource recovery of Waste Refrigerators
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