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Equipment introduction:
After the comprehensive resource treatment of large waste through manual pretreatment, bipolar crushing, magnetic separation and other processes, materials with high calorific value such as leather, brown mat and rag are easy to be incinerated, and metals such as iron, copper and aluminum, wood blocks, sponges and ties can be recycled.

The technology mainly includes pretreatment system, crushing system, metal separation system, dust removal system, conveying system, monitoring system and electric control system.
Technical features:
The products after the resource disposal of large waste include rags, brown mats, leather and other combustibles, wood, metal, sponge ties, etc., of which wood accounts for about 55%; Leather, brown mats, rags and other combustibles account for about 14%, metals account for about 11%, sponges and ties account for 20%.

System customization
Design process and production capacity according to local conditions, close to demand
High efficiency crushing
Biaxial tearing + hammer crushing, the product particles are smaller and more uniform
High purity separation
After pretreatment, two-stage crushing and metal separation, the product has high purity
Good resource
High value products such as biomass fuel rod and RDF fuel can be selected
Safety and environmental protection
The safety and environmental protection measures are perfect, and the noise, dust and tail gas meet the standards
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Large waste crushing and sorting equipment
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