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RDF pyrolysis package mainly includes:
Pretreatment system, pyrolysis module, oil receiving module, non condensable gas purification heat utilization module, flue gas treatment module and electrical control module.

Pretreatment system
The solid waste is crushed, sorted, dried and compatible to obtain qualified raw materials.

Pyrolysis module
It is composed of feeding system, main pyrolysis furnace, combustion system and discharge system. It is used to send materials into the main pyrolysis furnace, decompose the materials and then transport them to the lower end. It is the main part of material pyrolysis.

Oil receiving module
It is composed of spray tower, light oil condenser, heavy oil condenser, oil receiving platform, three-phase separation, oil tank, oil pump, pipeline and pipeline accessories. The function is to separate the pyrolysis gas produced by the main pyrolysis furnace, generate pyrolysis oil and non condensable gas, and separate and store pyrolysis liquid at the same time.

Flue gas treatment module
It is composed of cooling and temperature reduction tower, activated carbon adsorption, alkali neutralization, dust removal, fan and chimney. It is used to purify the flue gas discharged from the pyrolysis furnace and discharge it after reaching the standard.

Non condensable gas purification heat utilization module
After pyrolysis, the non condensable gas separated by the oil receiving system is introduced into the pressure stabilizing tank through the purification and pressure control device, and then stably transmitted to the heating device through the water sealed tank. The non condensable gas can be used for heating in the furnace, or it can be directly burned in the boiler system to form steam as products for export for heating and heating applications.
Technical features:
Industrial continuity
The pyrolysis process truly realizes continuous feeding, continuous oil discharge and continuous carbon production. The whole production line adopts PLC / DCS intelligent control system, which can realize automatic control and linkage adjustment of control points. It has the functions of data acquisition, operation, alarm and automatic deviation correction, which greatly improves the industrial production efficiency and production safety.

Proprietary innovative technology
Using proprietary sealing technology, anti coking technology, step thermal strengthening technology, oil-water separation technology and non condensable gas pressure stabilization technology, many key problems of pyrolysis treatment are solved.

Strong technical applicability
It is widely applicable to the pyrolysis of paint residue, waste plastics, municipal sludge, industrial sludge, oil sludge, tire rubber powder and other materials. It is a more "energy-saving and carbon reduction" environmental protection process than direct incineration.

Energy conservation and environmental protection
After being purified and stabilized, the combustible gas produced by pyrolysis is used as fuel for the heating device, which reduces the fuel consumption and flue gas emission of the system. Compared with incineration power generation, pyrolysis can reduce carbon dioxide emissions and other toxic and harmful gas emissions by more than 90%, which is recognized as the most excellent disposal method with environmental protection indicators.

Good investment income
It has the advantages of less investment, small land occupation, friendly environment and high output value. It can be disposed on site. It is a rare investment project with excellent comprehensive benefits
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RDF pyrolysis package
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