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Equipment introduction:
It is applicable to the reduction, harmless treatment and resource utilization of municipal sludge produced by urban sewage treatment plants, underground pipe networks and rivers, and industrial sludge produced by paper making industry, printing and dyeing industry, leather industry and down manufacturing industry. The dried sludge enters the pyrolysis system. The anaerobic pyrolysis technology is adopted. The organic components in the sludge are heated and decomposed, resulting in carbon fracture, producing pyrolysis gas and solid pyrolysis carbon. The pyrolysis gas enters the hot blast stove to produce hot air and heat the pyrolysis furnace. The rest can be directly or into the waste heat utilization system to produce heat transfer oil, hot water and steam for drying sludge. On the premise of safe, environmental protection and stable operation, the sludge is finally transformed into pyrolysis carbon and other main products through anaerobic pyrolysis technology, so as to realize reduction, harmless treatment and resource utilization.
Technical features:
Intelligent automation
The whole production line adopts PLC / DCS intelligent control system, which can realize automatic control and linkage adjustment for the control points. It has the functions of data acquisition, operation, alarm, automatic deviation correction, automatic alarm and real-time monitoring, so as to truly realize intelligent and safe operation and low staffing demand.

Six core technologies
Continuous sealing feeding, slag discharging and dynamic sealing technology meet the requirements of large capacity and continuous production; Anti coking and rail control, heat conduction and gas purification technology realize efficient heat transfer, programmed temperature rise and clean utilization.

Wide applicability of materials
The equipment has strong adaptability and inclusiveness to materials, and all kinds of municipal sludge and industrial sludge can be accepted.

Good treatment effect
Pyrolysis is full and complete, sludge reduction is obvious, and resources are utilized to form "gas and carbon" renewable resources. At the same time, hot water, steam and other energy are by-products. The carbonization rate of organic matter in the product is high, and the utilization value of carbon is large.

Reliable and safe operation
PLC / DCS programmable logic control system, prompt, alarm and automatic deviation correction functions; Dynamic seal MPa pressure resistance, system leakage < 0.1M ³/ h. Accurate heat dispersion constant temperature heating and outer wall temperature within the safe temperature range ensure safe and reliable operation.

Combined process
The process route can be customized reasonably and efficiently according to the sludge properties of different sources or business and some regulatory requirements of the government.

Flexible capacity
Continuous and sequencing batch (semi continuous and batch) pyrolysis systems are selected, with diversified production capacity, which can realize arbitrary configuration of different scales and has good flexibility.

Good environmental benefits
The whole pyrolysis process is oxygen free and closed, eliminating dioxins at the source and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It is not easy to produce neighbor avoidance effect, and it is easier to locate and land; Solidify heavy metals to make the form of heavy metals in sludge more stable, avoid release in subsequent utilization and do not produce secondary pollution; High thermal efficiency, surplus heat energy is used for sludge thermal drying, energy self circulation, clean combustion of combustible gas and reduce resource consumption.

Good investment income
Combined with drying and other equipment, the cascade utilization of heat energy, tail gas and other facilities are shared. The non condensable combustible gas is purified and used as fuel for heating pyrolysis equipment. The flue gas waste heat recycling technology is adopted to save energy and reduce emission, and the operation cost is low.
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