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Equipment introduction:
It mainly includes: pretreatment system, feed system (semi continuous furnace), pyrolysis and combustion system, oil receiving module, flue gas treatment module, discharge system (semi continuous furnace) and electrical control module.
Pretreatment system (optional)
The solid waste is crushed, sorted, dried and compatible to obtain qualified raw materials.
Feed system (semi continuous furnace)
The semi continuous furnace can feed with the feeding system without opening the large furnace door, which is environmentally friendly and easy to operate.
Pyrolysis and combustion system
After the material is sent into the main pyrolysis furnace, the material is decomposed by indirect heating to produce pyrolysis gas and pyrolysis carbon, which is the main part of material pyrolysis.
Oil receiving module
It is composed of buffer tank, condenser, alkali washing tank, water sealed tank, oil receiving platform, oil pump, oil tank, water receiving tank, pipeline and pipeline accessories. It is used to separate the pyrolysis gas generated by the main pyrolysis furnace from gas and liquid to generate pyrolysis liquid and non condensable gas. At the same time, the pyrolysis liquid formed by condensation is transported from the condenser to the heavy oil tank and light oil tank for storage, and the condensate in the buffer tank enters the water receiving tank for storage.
Flue gas treatment module
It is composed of cooling and temperature reduction tower, activated carbon adsorption, alkali neutralization, dust removal, fan and chimney. It is used to purify the flue gas discharged from the pyrolysis furnace and discharge it after reaching the standard
Discharge system (semi continuous)
It is composed of gas locking device and cooling conveying equipment, which can cool the pyrolytic carbon to below room temperature + 40 ℃ for safe output. At the same time, the gas locking device can reduce or isolate the air from entering the furnace or the overflow of pyrolysis gas.
control module
It is composed of electrical control system, central control room and safety control system. Its function is to control the whole set of equipment.
Technical features:
Save investment, reduce pretreatment process, simple operation, safe, stable and reliable;

Accurate heat dispersion and constant temperature heating can be realized, and the outer wall temperature of the main body of the main furnace and combustion chamber does not exceed the ambient temperature + 40 degrees;

The system is safe and reliable, can operate continuously and stably, and has overpressure, overtemperature, leakage, danger alarm, nitrogen replacement and protection system;

The gas outlet at the tail end of the furnace body is provided with a reverse push screw, which can be forward and reverse, and the four-way is adopted for slag discharge;

Set up a special combustible gas purification system, and the purified pyrolysis gas will be used as fuel for the heating system;

Set hot air reuse and air assist system to improve heat utilization and reduce tail gas emission;

The whole system adopts PLC programmable logic control system, which can realize automatic control and linkage adjustment,

It has the functions of data acquisition, operation, alarm and automatic deviation correction;

The equipment is convenient for overhaul and maintenance, and the service life of the main equipment is ≥ 3 years.
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Pyrolysis equipment for hazardous waste packaging and medical waste
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