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Equipment introduction:
It is suitable for the resource utilization of waste tires and waste rubber products. The anaerobic pyrolysis technology is used to decompose the high molecular polymer in the waste tire. The high molecular polymer breaks after the thermochemical reaction and returns to the state of small molecule or monomer to produce pyrolysis gas, pyrolytic carbon and steel wire. The non condensable gas enters the combustion chamber for combustion and heating. The burned high-temperature flue gas absorbs most of the heat energy through the main pyrolysis furnace and enters the back-end flue gas system for treatment before reaching the standard. The condensable gas forms pyrolysis oil. On the premise of safe, environmental protection, continuous and stable operation, realize the resource, harmless and reduction disposal of waste tires and waste rubber products.
The complete set of equipment mainly includes:
Pretreatment system, pyrolysis module, oil receiving module, non condensable gas purification heat utilization module, flue gas treatment module and electrical control module.
Technical features:
Industrial continuity  
The pyrolysis process truly realizes continuous feeding, continuous oil discharge and continuous carbon production. The whole production line adopts PLC / DCS intelligent control system, which can realize automatic control and linkage adjustment of control points. It has the functions of data acquisition, operation, alarm and automatic deviation correction, which greatly improves the industrial production efficiency and production safety.
Proprietary innovative technology
Using proprietary sealing technology, anti coking technology, step thermal strengthening technology, oil-water separation technology and non condensable gas pressure stabilization technology, many key problems of pyrolysis treatment are solved.
Wide applicability of materials
It can be widely used in all kinds of rubber products and all kinds of waste tires.
Good environmental benefits
The operation of the production line is not affected by external factors such as weather, and there is no secondary pollution in the pyrolysis process.
Good investment income
The investment and operation cost of the equipment is low, the non condensable gas can be used for self heating, and most of the energy is stored in "pyrolysis oil and pyrolysis carbon", so the operation cost is low; Small land occupation, friendly environment, high output value and good economic benefits.

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Complete set of equipment for pyrolysis of tire rubber powder
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