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Static film mulching aerobic decomposition technology and equipment
The equipment consists of fermentation tank, semi permeable membrane, fan, PLC control system, detection instrument and membrane covering equipment.
Biomass raw materials (kitchen waste, fruit and vegetable waste, straw, domestic sludge, livestock manure, etc.) are pretreated to obtain mixed compostable materials. Ventilation pipes are laid at the bottom of the fermentation tank. The mixed materials are stacked into a pile with a certain height by forklift or conveyor. The surface of the pile is covered with semi permeable membrane and fixed. Multi-point temperature sensors and oxygen sensors are used to monitor the temperature and oxygen transfer changes of the pile in real time, Under the condition of sufficient oxygen supply, the materials are oxidized and decomposed by aerobic microorganisms to reduce the water content of organic matter, and complete one-time decomposition and fermentation to kill insect eggs and eliminate odor. Finally, the material is sent to the secondary static fermentation reactor. After a period of degradation and conversion, it can be further made into high-quality organic fertilizer.
Technical features:
1) Odor is controllable and no leachate is produced;
2) High fermentation efficiency and short fermentation cycle;
3) The fermentation process has 4-6 days and high temperature period above 70-80 ℃, which can effectively kill insect eggs and inactivate grass seeds;
4) There is no need for closed plant and odor treatment system, which has low cost and greatly reduces the investment;
5) It can coordinate the disposal of perishable organic substances such as livestock and poultry manure, kitchen waste, fruit and vegetable waste, agricultural and forestry waste, expired food, sludge and so on.
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Static film covered aerobic ripening equipment
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