Rural waste collaborative disposal (Green Island)

Small blue houses in villages and towns (classification station)

Promote the "three-way method" of rural domestic waste, put it in categories according to recyclables, hazardous waste and other waste, advocate that perishable waste does not enter the bucket or go out of the house, and guide villagers to reduce the amount at the source and deal with it in situ. Small blue houses (sorting stations) are set up in villages and towns as the service points for the publicity, education, guidance and management of waste classification in villages and towns. They are the centralized storage points for waste classification and recycling in villages and towns, and realize the temporary storage and compression of recyclables, hazardous wastes and other wastes.

Township Green Island

Township Green Island is a collaborative disposal plant of mixed primary waste, classified wet waste, fruit and vegetable waste, kitchen waste, farm manure, sludge, straw and other organic waste in market towns. Through pretreatment, rapid ripening and screening technologies, the organic matter in the waste is biologically decomposed, decomposed, deodorized and dried, and the organic waste is finally transformed into nutrient soil or organic fertilizer, which is absorbed in situ, Organic fertilizer is used for landscaping and soil improvement. RDF is transported to the domestic waste terminal disposal center in the county for disposal, so as to realize the stabilization, harmlessness, reduction and recycling of organic waste.

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